Cantini Law Group, a Leading, Canadian Personal Injury Law Practice Chooses Law Ruler Legal CRM and Legal Case Intake Software application

Law Ruler Software, LLC, a software company concentrating on establishing ground-breaking software application legal CRM and legal case consumption software application for the legal community revealed the adoption of Law Ruler Software by Cantini Law Group out of Atlantic Canada. This is the first worldwide customer for Law Ruler and is a testament to their success.


Joe Cantini, Managing Partner and Founder of Cantini Law Group (CLG), chose that it was time to upgrade his legal intake and lead conversion workflow with one that enhanced his lead-to-client conversion rate by upwards of 20% to get a considerable boost in the firm’s marketing budget ROI, as well as enhance their customer support capabilities, allow better new case analysis and reporting, and had the versatility to grow with the firm.

CLG carried out a holistic market scan to determine what legal case intake and CRM system choices were readily available and picked Law Ruler software as the best suitable for their needs.

” Right from the start, the team at Law Ruler impressed us with their efficient, professional, and handy way– a technique that not just inspired self-confidence, however produced the results that we were searching for. We required an efficient Legal CRM and legal case intake software system that would arrange all our brand-new possible customers, and couple that with our desire to provide the very best service for our customers and our joint venture partners. Being an Atlantic Canada law practice with various markets served, CLG required a platform that would set us apart from our competitors and permit us to customize our system to our firm’s needs,” stated Joe Cantini, Managing Partner and Founder of CLG.

p7” Law Ruler is going worldwide! We are very thrilled to support the strong community of law office in Canada and proudly welcome Cantini Law Group as our first client firm in Canada. The decision of CLG to use Law Ruler Software is a testimony to how our option is now a suitable for law practice in Canada along with the US. Our modern cloud architecture is based on the latest and biggest Microsoft technologies and makes our software more economical and more scalable then contending items, and includes an instinctive easy-to-use workflow, with a robust security procedure that is invisible to the user,” stated Daniel S Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Law Ruler Software, LLC.

Benefits of Law Ruler:

Improved Lead-to-Case Conversions by upwards of 20%.

Increased ROI of law practice marketing budget plans.

Total integrations with web-based lead-gen and lawyer profile noting websites that auto-create, section, and track brand-new leads with * no * manual information entry needed.

Turnkey Call Tracking Phone Numbers to auto-create, segment, and track new leads and never ever miss out on another chance.

Completely Customizable and Email Able Online Intake Questionnaires to gather the vital information to collaborate/evaluate each and every lead in an efficient style.

p5Smooth procedure automation with DocuSign and Adobe EchoSign e-signature.

Configurable business rules for automated follow-up with each and every possible brand-new customer that your intake by means of E-mail * and * SMS Text Messages.

Out-of-the-Box Intake-Specific Reporting for your firm to optimize advertisement spend and lead conversion that has the ability to be shared with referral partner companies or internally.

Ready-to-Use Management dashboards with drill-down abilities.

Cloud-based user interface offers considerable cost savings over tradition systems.

24x7x365 Monitored, extremely safe data center with government-grade encryption.

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